Welcome. Starry Night is a beautiful Dickerson 37 sailboat jointly owed by Bill, Gail, Jennifer, Julianna and Paul. The Dickerson 37 is featured in the book "The World's Best Sailboats" by Ferenc Mate. Starry Night was built in 1986 in Trappe, Maryland and was taken to Florida by her first owners, where she stayed until June 2002 when she was returned to the Cheasapeake Bay by her present owners. Bill, Gail, Jennifer, Julianna, and Paul then spent approximately 1000 hours working on her to bring her back to the appearance of her youth. Included in the work was the complete replacement of her headliner with Formica panels replacing the vinyl and disintegrated backing foam. She now is harbored in the Oxford Boat Yard.

Paul, Jennifer, Julianna, and Gail aboard Starry Night celebrating their win at the 2003 Dickerson Regatta. Later, in 2006, they also took first in the 36/37 class.

Are we lost?!?! Julianna "navigating"
Captain Paul and Captain Bill aboard Starry Night

Julianna with her mom, Gail, enjoying the day on the bay
Julianna with Paul's dog, Brianna, who also enjoys sailing

Jennifer with her Dad, Bill, at the 2006 Dickerson Regatta

Captain Paul and his faithful dog

Julianna and Brianna at the end of another fun day of sailing on the bay!

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