My fee for the initial consultation, the lecture (or multiple lectures for those needing some reinforcement), and followup phone calls as needed is $500.

For those with medical insurance, the initial visit and followup visits can be charged directly to your insurance company. However, the group lecture is not covered by insurance and we ask for a $200 fee for attendance by you (and one optional guest, space permitting). If you are using insurance, then followups will need to be via office visits rather than phone consultations since insurance will not pay for the phone consultations.

Before scheduling an appointment, you will need to have read one of Dr. Sarno's books and you will need to obtain a symptom appropriate CT or MRI scan to be sure that your pain is not due to a malignant process (e.g. cancer). You should have your physician order this scan which can be justified to your insurance company since you are about to embark on a psychological treatment for your physical symptoms. Do not be very concerned about the actual results of the scan unless it shows cancer. I will help you to interpret the results of the scan as Dr. Sarno would interpret it. Please be sure that you bring a copy of the report of the scan to your first appointment with me. You do not need to bring the actual films or DVD.

I generally hold the TMS lecture once every 5 weeks in my waiting room. It lasts between two and three hours and covers the different manifestations of TMS, how and why your brain is creating your symptoms and most importantly I teach you how to talk to your brain and tell it to stop creating your pain. I strongly encourage questions and challenges so that everyone understands TMS, but I certainly do not require anyone to speak if they wish to remain quiet.

Lecture Schedule: lectures are held Monday nights at 6PM. The dates for 2018 are 1/8, 2/12, 3/19, 4/30, 6/4, 7/9, 8/13, 9/17, 10/22 and 11/26. These dates are tentative especially later in the year since I may be changing lectures from Monday evenings to Wednesday evenings. Please call the office for confirmation.

If you wish to attend a lecture, then you should schedule a 90 minute visit with me prior to the lecture so that we can determine the causes of your TMS. When you call our office for an appointment, please make sure that you identify yourself as a TMS patient requiring a 90 minute appointment so that we schedule sufficient time for you. For out of town patients, I try to keep afternoon appointments available on the day of the lecture. You will be able to see me Monday afternoon, go out for dinner and then return for the lecture.

Followup appointments are generally scheduled one month after the lecture. I often find that these are the most important appointments because it is during these that we tweak how you are talking to your brain so that we can eliminate all of your pain.

I am also pleased to announce that I am now closely working with the following psychotherapists who are trained in the care of TMS patients:

Margaret Chan, PhD Somerset, NJ (732) 903-4791
Jeffrey Axelbank, PsyD Highland Park, NJ (732) 572-8848
Marian Stuart, PhD Skillman, NJ (973) 267-3127
Wendy Newman, LCSW Montclair, NJ (973) 567-1668
Jonathan Sibley, LCSW Montclair, NJ (973) 337-6017
Bob Evans, PhD Englewood, NJ (201) 569-3328
Kirsten Fliegler, PsyD New York City, NY (212) 327-1929
Eric Sherman, PsyD New York City, NY (212) 947-7111 x227
Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD New York City, NY (212) 661-7588
Liz Wallenstein, LMHC Brooklyn & Manhattan, NY (917) 727-3549
Nicole M. Seitz, LPC New Mexico & Pennsylvania (267) 971-5729

In addition to private therapy sessions, Dr. Axelbank is now also offering group therapy dedicated to TMS patients. I have had a number of patients request group therapy and am happy to announce its availability. Click here for futher information.

During your appointment with me, if you are interested and it is appropriate, I will help you to choose a therapist. All fees for psychotherapy are in addition to the above mentioned programs.

When you call our office for an appointment, please make sure that you identify yourself as a TMS patient requiring a 90 minute appointment so that we schedule sufficient time for you.

If you have further questions, please call us.

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