Directions to Starry Night at the Oxford Boatyard

From NJ

  1. Take the NJ Turnpike to 95S in Delaware
  2. Take exit 4A (Christiana) to 1 South; Proceed 8 miles.
  3. Take exit 136 (Odessa) to 299 West; Turn right onto 299W at end of exit ramp; Proceed 3 miles.
  4. After passing Lowes, turn left onto 301 South; Proceed 36 miles.
  5. Exit to 213 South and turn left at the top of the ramp to go over the bridge; Proceed 4.5 miles.
  6. Turn Left at next light onto 50 East; Proceed 11 miles.
  7. Turn Right onto 322; Proceed 3.5 miles.
  8. Turn right at sign for Oxford onto 333 South; Proceed 9 miles. Do NOT exceed the speed limits in the town of Oxford!
  9. Turn Right onto Strand just before driving into the Ferry Dock parking lot; Proceed 0.2 miles.
  10. Turn Right into the Oxford boatyard. Park anywhere out of the way

Starry Night can be found in Slip A7 which is about 3/4 of the way out on the left side of the left-most dock in the boat yard. You will want to walk through an area where lots of masts are being stored. Speak to Bill or Paul for the combination to the boat and to the boatyard restroom and showers.

Alternate route after crossing the bridge into Delaware:

  1. If 95 South is a parking lot, then take13 South to 1 South and continue with step 3 above.

Alternate route through Easton:

  1. Instead of step 7, proceed through Easton on Route 50 and once out of Easton, look for mile marker 70.
  2. Take the next right, proceed through the stop sign and go to the end.
  3. Turn left onto 333 South and continue into Oxford. Do NOT exceed the speed limits in the town of Oxford! Go to Step 9.

From Virginia/Maryland

  1. Take 50/301 East across the Chesapeake Bay; Proceed approximately 9 miles.
  2. At 50/301 split, stay on 50 East; Proceed approximately 14 miles.
  3. Follow step 7 above.

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