Sailing Aboard Starry Night

Get psyched!
You have been invited to sail aboard the Dickerson 37 sailing yacht Starry Night. The Dickerson 37 has 3 small double beds. The evening of arrival, you will most likely sleep aboard the yacht and then set sail in the morning. Most likely, we will sail to some enchanted cove, anchor out, barbecue and perhaps windsurf if the water temperature and winds allow it. Alternatively, we may sail into a harbor such as Baltimore or St. Michaels and either dock or anchor in the harbor.

Each day we will sail (wind gods willing) or motor up to 30 - 40 miles. Weather could also affect our plans though we will probably sail in any weather except severe electrical storms (more on this later).

If you get to the boatyard before us, feel free to board Starry Night and load your baggage onto her.


Most of the meals will be eaten on board. We have an icebox on the boat to store refrigerated food. It is not cold enough for frozen food such as ice cream. Prior to the trip, crew members may be asked to help provision for the trip. A potential food list is provided to help with the prepartion. Please look it over and let the person buying the food know if something on it is not good for you.


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